Microsoft Office 2007 Software

9.99 - 9.99 from 27 stores. User rating:5.0 out of 5. New suites, servers, and services in the 2007 Microsoft Office release will deliver additional functionality and new solutions. With updated packaging options, you will have more flexibility than ever before to adopt the specific technologies and solutions that best meet your business and personal needs.
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We hear you. There's always room for improvement. We're constantly listening to your feedback and conducting our own research to perfect Office Online. It's now more intuitive to navigate and offers richer content, so you can get more done. Every day.
Less is much more. From the instant you enter Office Online, you'll notice fewer links on the page, so you can focus on the essentials. You'll also find brand new demos, training courses, and Help articles to answer your more in-depth questions
Brevity is the soul of productivity. Now the content you need most is front and center on the Home page, so you can go right to where you want to be
You'll also find convenient daily tips that keep you up to speed in the applications you use every day and help you use them even more effectively
Fewer paths, more destinations. Office Online now a new set of top tabs that help you find the most popular content. The Ribbon youll recognize from some 2007 Microsoft Office programs makes sure the search box and Update links stick with you while you explore
As you tab through the site, you'll notice that each major page has its own set of relevant links running down the left navigation bar. These handy little bits of context let you explore related information without endless scrolling or aimless page diving
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Use our new Audience Pages to identify yourself as a Business Executive, IT Professional, Developer and Architect, Small Business, Partner, or simply someone trying to get things done At Work or At Home. When you choose the category that best represents your perspective, you'll find the products, templates, and articles most suited to your needs all in one convenient place
Microsoft Office Live
Take your business online. Microsoft Office Live helps you take your business online with a free domain name, free Web site hosting, and free company-branded e-mail accounts. Microsoft Office Live also offers Small Businesses shared workspaces for accessing critical documents and more than 20 applications for managing customers, employees, projects, and calendars
It takes one to know one. Look under "Additional Resources" on the Home page for Work Essentials, a free online resource developed by Microsoft in collaboration with industry experts, to make your 2007 Microsoft Office system experience even more productive. Articles, webcasts, software demos, customizable templates, and training videos specific to your discipline help you work more effectively, while community forums connect you with others in your industry to trade questions and solutions.....More Details