2016 WEB APPS Design Trends to the Future

Developing Android Apps , Apple iOS Apps for iPhone and Windows Metro Style Apps are great . The Platforms are different and the development for each platform is too discreet. Every time a developer wants to update the Apps , he has to go through a series of verification , Checks , registration and at the end do invest a lot of Time and Money . 

For this Scenario developers around the World were consistently discussing , presenting ideas on the evolution of WEB APPS since 6 years. All these years of research on Mobile Trends and user satisfaction survey shows that Mobile Native Apps (Android, iOS) are to be slowly and steadily going to see a slowdown .  Some of teh Insight can be found here at Google Studies .

In 2014 TIM EVKO (https://twitter.com/tevko,) a front end web developer from New York, published an article on teh Web Apps Future and he is very right in saying that  
 We’re not yet at the point where the web can fully replace all native applications, but we can build high-performing responsive web applications right now. With new web APIs and libraries getting released every day, the web app is starting to look more appealing over traditional native apps. Let’s start building things on the web that perform like native apps, taking into consideration issues such as screen real estate, offline capabilities, and file size.
Read his 2014 Article at Sitepoint here https://www.sitepoint.com/long-live-web-app/.

The Status of Web Apps Now in 2016

With the years of Experience from w3c (www.w3c.org), Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Motorola Mobility Technologies and many mores the World of Application is now changed fully for the Developer to embrace Web Apps capabilities further .  Its the Best Time to Develop Web Apps now to be looking for the next , atleast 20+ years of Smartphone Application with user satisfaction and Industry backup. 

Here is the Video Featuring one of the best Times to build Web Apps using google technologies