Mobile Apps Development Platforms 2016

In this section we will be looking at some of the great Platforms to build your Mobile Apps. The Mobile Applications are also called Native Apps , for the code developers around the World. Lets Start Learning and understand the clear Picture of What we mean by Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps Development Platforms
With the Current trends from Google we could see that , Mobile Apps are basically consigned to iOS, Android and Windows Apps. One has to develop for each Platform as specified in there respective architecture. So a Mobile Apps created for Android can not be used by iPhone of Windows Phone, Similarly an iOS App cannot be installed or work on Android /Windows Phones. So what we understand here is for every platform yopu have to develop

Type Of Mobile Apps Platform

So as per the most Popular Platforms of Mobile Apps is concern we have the Following 
    Android Platforms
  • iOS Apple 
  • Android Platforms
  • Windows Platform

 Which Platform to Develop Mobile Apps ?

iOS Apple
This is the most asked question by developers , world-over. And there is no certain answer for it. Mobile Application Development is based on the expertise and the  knowledge of the developer.

For years , after the launch of Apple iPhone iOS apps were the most Popular and available in many forms, for iPad, iPhone, Mac Books etc. But with time the user-base of Android Phones increases , backed by the strong Google device specs. In the Recent Years the Android Platform gains the most Popular Mobile Platform but it lack the Commitment and quality of iOS Apps. Than comes the Microsoft Windows Apps lately  with more strong presence as well .
Due to its expand in Desktop and Tablet markets more than the Smartphones. Windows Platform is considered very easy to develop upon as per the users/developers are concerned as it has the same tools used for Agile Application building, like the Visual Studio. Developers who have the experience in the c,c++,c# languages get benefited by it. 

Reality Today : Build for Android 

To be honest , the reality just bites. In-spite the Quality of iOS Apps and the best of Windows environment, Android is the best choice for the development of Mobile apps for 3 Reasons. 

  1. Google Technology
  2. Open Source
  3. Cost Effective
First is Google Based Technology means you are building a App , that can be used by the most of World, as Google sets trends in Innovative updated technologies that are meant for People.

Second is , Android is Open Source the Developer get the benefit of signalling different aspect of the application, get Reviews and help form large Android Forums and most preferably again the Google based Security features that any device maker can use inbuilt with customization.

Third feature that makes Android the golden piece of Mobile development is its Cost in Development . While to register for Google Android require your wallet to spend $25 the iOS registration Requires $165 .

Conclusion :

If you are a Developer and Want to Build Application on Smartphone, than Android is the best Platform for you to Excel. If you can Build the same apps for iOS and Windows Platform You will be more than delighted for your customers. 


For the Aforesaid Problems in building separate Apps for separate platforms, teh Industry of Web Developers, Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Firefox and many more join hands to build on the Future of Smartphones. The Browser Technologies to build Apps which are fast to load and can be run on all Platforms, all Devices. The Future of Mobile Apps Summit in Amsterdam is the great Example. Check Out 
Progressive Web App

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This talk will highlight how you can leverage what's already built into the platform to assure the largest audience possible has access to your content, while also exploring techniques you can use to extend the platform when you need to go off-road.