Microsoft Office XP Professional Software

.95 - .99 from 3 stores. User rating:4.0 out of 5. The most significant version of Office ever released, Microsoft Office XP Professional integrates productivity innovations throughout its programs to transform the traditional Office suite into a smarter overall work experience. By simplifying productivity, enabling collaboration for everyone, and extending Office beyond the desktop, Office XP Professional streamlines how people work with information and one another, making it easier for everyone to create, share, and analyze important data. In addition to the core Office XP programs - Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint - Office XP Professional includes Microsoft Access 2002, the Office XP database solution that helps users store, access, and analyze their data.Whether you're working on your PC, company intranet or the Web, new context-sensitive Smart Tags pop up with the options you need - right when you need them. No digging through menus! Now tasks that once required multiple steps are just one click away. The secret? The new Task Pane. The bottom line? You'll use more of the software features in Office XP, to get more done in less time. Relax. Your work is safe with Office XP because AutoRecover saves it at regular intervals while you work. Prone to sudden power outages? Relax again. Document Recovery is designed to save your PC's work-in-progress......More Details