You will be surprised, when studying full provings of this substance, to notice that all the symptoms seem to center about the stomach; it does not matter much what kind of complaints he suffers from, the stomach takes part in it. The pains disturb his stomach and bring on nausea; with his headache he is sick at the stomach; with all complaints his stomach is out of order, and, on the other hand, whenever he disorders his stomach he is sick all over. Complaints that manifest themselves through the stomach very frequently need this medicine. First in importance are the mental symptoms showing the type of constitution likely to need this remedy. It produces a very serious state in the mind, an absence of the desire to live. It is well known to physicians that the case is a serious one if the patient has no desire to live; life is a burden When I hear a patient say: "Oh, doctor, if I could only die". I do not like such a case; there is some deep-seated trouble in the economy that is hard to remove. Something is threatening, and when it comes it is a common thing to see the patient actually die. "Loathing of life". You will find this especially in a low, lingering, continued fever, such as typhoid. This remedy has all the prostration of typhoid, and it has the continued type of fever as well as the intermittent and remittent. The prostration is similar to Arsenicum, but Ars. has overwhelming fear of death, while this medicine has loathing of life; and so they both part company. Ars. has overwhelming restlessness, this remedy is seldom restless. Ars. has an intense thirst, this medicine is thirstless. So even though both these remedies have excessive exhaustion with continued fever, we see they have features dissimilar enough to make them wholly distinct. Such a typhoid will sometimes be seen in young girls about puberty who are threatening to go into chlorosis. They have loathing of life, but it is a hysterical loathing of life. Moments, of great exhaustion, sudden attacks of weakness and fainting. You will commonly find another feature with this, not coming at the same moment, but alternating with it, or only present at times, namely, these over excitable, intense, nervous, hysterical, ecstatic young girls and women are overcome by mellow lights such as flow through stained glass windows or the mellow light from the moon in the evening. That is what is meant when it says in the text: "Sentimental mood in the moonlight". It is a hysterical state, a disorderly outburst of the affections, such affections as can be aroused only in one who is sick, or one who is balanced in the general nervous system. This kind of patient gives us the mental state and constitution of Ant. crud., and along with such mental states the physical conditions seem to strike to the stomach, as it were.