The symptoms of this remedy present themselves in morning, in forenoon, evening, during the night, after midnight. The symptoms are worse in the open air, worse in cold air. He desires open air. Worse on ascending. Asleep-feeling in single parts. A sensation of a band around parts. It is most useful remedy in cancerous affections; in epithelioma: in caries of bone; worse in cold, wet weather. It is a useful remedy in many kinds of convulsions; clonic spasms with consciousness; epileptiform; hysterical. Dropsy of the extremities and of cavities. The symptoms are worse during and after eating. The body emaciates, complaints come on after slight exertion and after cold drinks. Formication all over the body. The body and limbs feel heavy. Induration is a common feature; in glands; cancerous induration. Inflammation and congestion in many parts; in mucous membranes; bones; glands; periosteum; serous membranes. Marked physical irritability. Desire to lie down, but lying brings on great restlessness and many symptoms are worse lying. Worse after lying awhile. Lying in warm bed ameliorates many symptoms. Motion aggravates in general. He is restless and desires to move. The mucous membranes are much affected. Numbness of many parts; in suffering parts. Orgasms of blood. There are pains of all kinds in all parts of the body; pains in bones and glands; boring; bruised; burning; cutting; pressing in internal parts; stitching; tearing. Painless paralysis. It is useful in broken down as well as in plethoric people. Strong internal pulsation. The pulse is fast, irregular, small, weak. Any exertion or hurry-like running is impossible. General sensitiveness; sensitive to pain. The symptoms resemble persons much debilitated by sexual excesses and vices. The symptoms are predominantly right-sided. Symptoms come on going to sleep and during sleep. He is better in summer and worse in winter. The glands are swollen. It is one of our most useful remedies in advanced stages of syphilis; in nervous syphilis. General aggravation from touch. Trembling in all parts. Ulceration of glands with marked in duration; in cancerous conditions. Symptoms appear after sleep; worse from uncovering the body; while walking. Worse walking in open air; walking fast; walking in the wind. Marked general weakness; in the morning; from mental exertion; from physical exertion; weariness. Worse in windy weather and in winter.