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TECHYOG.COM is one of the Fastest growing Online Media Company in Odisha, India. The Company has Five major revenue streams :

  1. Website Designs,

  2. Web Hosting,

  3. Online Marketing,

  4. SEO - Search Engine Optimization and

  5. Website Development.

Online Marketing
TECHYOG.COM recognises the importance of proper analysis and planning in online marketing, implementing strategies that help take businesses to the next level. Our online marketing strategy will facilitate customer engagement and promote your products and services via techniques such as search engine optimisation(SEO), eCommerce, email marketing, and web 2.0.
With an extensive customer portfolio,State-of-the-art technology and with best inhouse marketing experts, TECHYOG.COM has the credibility, experience and marketing knowledge to ensure your business maximises its web potential.

Our six step online marketing strategy includes research & scoping, analysis, project planning, innovation, design and implementation to ensure the best solution is offered to your business.

Search Engine Optimisation
Worldwide, millions of consumers will search the internet daily for product information before purchase; more than 80 percent of them execute searches through Google. Search engine marketing is the most successful form of marketing, TECHYOG.COM's search engine optimisation technology helping websites gain top ranking positions in Google.

TECHYOG.COM SEO system is one of a kind and will ensure your business ranks at the top of Google searches, driving targeted traffic to your site to result in quality search queries and increased profitability from leads.

Web Design
Web design is a highly respected technique for engaging online audiences and TECHYOG.COM is recognised for its skill in designing user-friendly effective websites. The TECHYOG.COM team work closely with each client, from consultation to implementation and our web designers ensure specific needs are met by delivering tailored solutions.

TECHYOG.COM web design will emphasise site functionality and aesthetic value, and incorporate an entertaining, informative and attractive interface that encourages user interest and conversions.Our web design process consists of seven steps:consultation, research and analysis, planning, innovation, architecture, implementation and monitoring.

Web Development
TECHYOG.COM is aware that online marketing success comes from a quality web development process that implements advanced web techniques. Our web development experts create and manage domains, content development, site architecture and structure, programming, security and coding to ensure your website satisfies consumer needs.

Our web development solutions are tailored to your business needs and provide an end to end solution. Our web development process, which focuses on analysis, strategy, architecture, creation, implementation, positioning and monitoring, ensures your business gains maximum exposure to your target market.

Choose from a variety of products and add-ons that can be integrated seamlessly with existing software, and transform your website from an online brochure into a scalable marketing resource.