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Web Design Trends for 2014

Web Design Standard changes year by year. From the Search Giant Google to Microsoft BING and YAHOO INC. all manage to make the ultimate changes, for the public and we as the Website Design and Development Company have to follow them. What are the Latest Trends in 2014 Web Design ? Design for Smartphone (More than 60% user use Smartphone for Browsing) The Trends for 2014 in Web Design are more focused on the Mobile Platforms. As the Smartphone users increasing every second, the Website we make are to be sleek and designed in such a manner that can be accessed by the Smartphone User , very fast and easily.  USE HTML5 (AVOID FLASH in Websites) Strictly applicable for the Web Designs made from this Year as the HTML5 is now the most advanced and best protocol that a Web Designer have to use.  Social Authentic Media  Web is not a standard if peopel use Facebook/Twitter Only, As more than 67% of Facebook ID are Fake or Duplicate, the trend is now to Stop Promoting your s