This most useful and neglected remedy has been frequently indicated in the complaints of women, especially in those predisposed to hemorrhages; uterine hemorrhages particularly whether it be after an abortion or in connection with menstruation. Copious bleeding from the uterus is characteristic; hemorrhages when the uterus fills with blood until it becomes distended, and its contents are expelled in large clots, followed by copious hemorrhage with or without painful contractions. A copious menstrual flow followed by watery oozing during the intermenstrual period, now and then dilating into copious gushing flow with black clots; this remedy is useful at the critical period when it is attended with hemorrhage. The hemorrhages of this medicine are particularly due to a relaxed or debilitated state of the uterus. Weakness of the reproductive organs may be said to be the guiding feature; agony. Weakness of the uterus with repeated abortion or hemorrhages with debility of the individual. Bruised feeling in the region of the ovaries, particularly in the right. Bearing down in the region of the uterus if the contents of the pelvis would escape. Much worse while walking.