The symptoms present aggravations, MORNING, forenoon, AFTERNOON, NIGHT; before midnight, after midnight. Strong desire for open air, open air ameliorates. Marked general anemia. Single parts go to sleep. Catarrhal conditions generally. Chlorosis. The patient is sensitive to cold and cold generally makes the symptoms worse. He is sensitive to both cold and warm room in a general way; symptoms worse from cold air and from becoming cold; takes cold on slight exposure to cold. Constriction about the body like a band. It is marked for its convulsive action of muscles; its convulsions are chronic, epileptic; hysterical; inclined to fall; with marked stiffness; tonic contraction; convulsive movements. The blood vessels are "distended. Symptoms are worse after eating and there is marked aggravation from physical exertion. Faint feeling and frequent fainting. General emaciation. Cold drinks and cold food, milk potatoes and warm foods disagree. Formication all over the body. Lack of vital heat. A general feeling of heaviness. A lack of physical irritability. Symptoms worse by jarring and stepping. Jerking of muscles and limbs; FEELING OF EXTREME LASSITUDE; desire to lie down. Lying aggravates the breathing but ameliorates the headache; worse after lying long, worse lying on the back. symptoms worse before, during and after menses; most symptoms are worse from motion, but the pains in the back are better from motion. There is a marked aversion to motion and exertion. There is numbness in the limbs and external parts. Congestion and orgasm of blood. The pains are boring, bruised, burning, cutting, digging, jerking, pressing sticking and tearing. It is destined to become one of our most useful remedies in paralysis, especially of the lower limbs. It has paralysis of one side, of organs; the paralysis is painless. There is strong internal pulsation. It has fast, weak, irregular pulse. Great internal and external sensitiveness. General amelioration from pressure. The weakness and nervous prostration are as though from sexual excess. Electric shocks are very common and the symptoms are worse after sleep. Standing is a very tiresome position. Tension all over the body. Trembling and twitching. Walking and walking in the open air increase the symptoms, though the open air is grateful to the patient. Great weakness in the morning on waking; from a diarrhea; from exertion; during menses; WALKING; nervous and paralytic weakness. Extreme weariness. Aversion to answering questions and to company; anxiety in the morning on waking; evening; night; of conscience, with fear; about the future; about his health. He is absent-minded and it is impossible to concentrate the mind; confusion of mind in the morning. He is discouraged, discontented, contrary and sure he is going to die. Very excitable and forgetful. Fear in the evening; of death; of disease; that something will happen; of insanity; of misfortune; of people; on waking. It is a remedy to overcome the chronic effects of grief and follows < 2IGNATIA>2. At times there is great hurry, excitement and his mind is full of ideas and this changes to dullness, heedlessness, deficiency of ideas and indifference much like imbecility. Irresolution is very marked and irritability is extreme. Insane actions, and speech. Aversion to work and laments constantly over his imaginary misfortunes. Spasmodic laughter, maniacal actions, wildly mirthful; moods change rapidly and mental state alternates; loathing of life; extremely obstinate; moments of reserve and absence of all imagination. Mental prostration is a strong feature of this wonderful remedy. Sadness in the morning on waking also in the afternoon; dullness of the senses; very sensitive to noise.