This valuable remedy is made from a species of rock known as andalusite and composed of aluminum sixty-three and silica thirty-seven parts. It was prepared by trituration in the usual way. It has been proved and used clinically by the author for many years. It is a deep and long acting remedy and cures chronic complaints of the brain, spinal cord, bowels and the nerves, that have here to before been most stubborn. Its complaints are Its noticed in the forenoon, but mostly in the afternoon and evening. Some symptoms come on in the night, even after midnight. There is a desire for open air which is grateful, but cold air aggravates all complaints; much worse after becoming cold and a marked tendency to take cold. There is great coldness during pains and all pains are better from warmth and warm applications. The prover loses flesh, and it has cured patients markedly emaciated and anemic. There is great weakness and many symptoms are worse going upstairs. Congestion of brain and cord and spinal nerves, with marked burning and stinging. It has cured multiple neuritis and locomotor ataxia. constriction is a marked general symptom, also constriction of orifices, a sensation as if constricted. It has been of great service in epileptic and epileptiform convulsion, not when the convulsion is on but as a constitutional remedy causing the attacks to diminish and come less frequently, and finally disappear. Stiffness and tonic contractions occur with provers. Distension of all the veins, and fainting spells. The symptoms are worse after eating and he is better fasting or eating very small quantities of food, worse from cold drinks, cold food, milk and very warm foods. Formication of the skin, extremities along the course of nerves and in internal parts. A sensation of fullness throughout the body, with distended veins. Heaviness of the body and all the limbs. Induration of parts inflamed. inflammation of the nerves, with burning, stinging, crawling and numbness; the brain, spine and abdominal viscera are extremely sensitive to a jar, as in riding in a carriage over rough roads. Jerking and twitching in muscles. The lassitude is so great that she was compelled to keep to the bed; she must lie down, a marked sense of spinal weakness. It cured a woman who had lain in bed many years from weakness. Straining of muscles from lifting, like Rhus tox. Yet some symptoms are worse lying in bed, but lying generally helps and rests the patient. She says, "I am so comfortable while lying". Some symptoms are worse lying on the back. She desires perfect rest, aversion to all motion and worse from all motion. The mucous secretions are increased. It has cured lupus. Numbness of single parts and of painful parts; numbness with neuritis. There is orgasm of blood, flushes of heat, even great rushes of hear to head from body. The pains are worse from excitement and motion and better from external warmth and perfect rest. The pains are of all kinds, boring, burning and stinging. Constricting, cutting, digging, gnawing, jerking, paralyzing, pinching, pressing. The whole body is sore to touch and pressure, stitching, < 2TEARING,>2 ulcerative pain wandering from place to place. The pains as well as many other symptoms show a marked periodicity. Pressure sometimes increases and sometimes helps the pains. Pulsation all over the body and in the head and abdomen.

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