We will take up the study of Metallic silver. No wonder that this is a very deep acting remedy, for it has been used symbolically, and medically throughout all history. It has been a valuable substance throughout all history. It is an anti-psoric, and from its symptoms I believe it to be an anti-sycotic. It goes deep into the life. Especially affects the nerves, nerve sheaths. Has complaints along the nerves. All cartilages in the body are affected by it. It produces a hypertrophy of cartilages, a thickening of the cartilaginous portions of joints, of the cartilage of the ears, and of the nose. Produces cartilaginous growths and tumors; infiltrations. It affects the nerve substance, it is a deep organic remedy. It is more than an ordinary remedy, for it affects all there is of man. In those nerve fibers especially that carry messages. It affects the brain in a very profound manner, bringing about changes and a gradual softening. A strange feature about it in its general action upon man is, that it singles out mostly the intellectual faculties. It scarcely disturbs his affections; only makes slight and vague changes in his voluntary system. But the memory, the intellectual part of man is disturbed increasingly to imbecility. In great sufferings--and it is full of suffering---it affects his ability to reason. In nearly all the headaches and pains in the back, and the rending, tearing pains that it produces over the body, it disturbs his memory and reasoning faculties. Disturbs his ability to think. And it comes on in persons who are in the habit of laboring with the intellectual faculties. Business men, students, readers, and thinkers. Reasoners come to a point when they can no longer reason, and the slightest mental effort brings on vertigo. He is fatigued. All symptoms are worse after sleep. Instead of being rested for the day, he wakes in the morning with mental fatigue and weakness, so that he can hardly move, and it is with great difficulty that he gets himself together for a mental or physical effort of another day. If he undertakes to do any more mental work, he gets a headache. Headache mostly in the front of the head, but also in the occiput. Another strange feature about it, it is full of rending tearing pains along the nerves, predominantly of the lower extremities. Tearing, as if the nerves would be torn in pieces during rest. Cold, damp weather, stormy weather will bring on rheumatism---not so much with swelling, although it has that, but pains apparently in the cartilages, and pains along the nerves. And these pains are so severe that he cannot keep still. Hence, it has a rheumatic state from cold, damp weather, from becoming chilled, in the joints and in the nerves, so that he walks and walks. Many symptoms arc better from motion and especially walking. So tired and exhausted but the pain is so severe that it drives him to walk. These pains are many times palliated by copious drafts of coffee, and this will suppress the sickness, and leave upon him all sorts of difficulties, under which he is threatening with break down, and in time he becomes almost useless. "Mental weakness. Physical prostration". Rending, tearing pains. Affections of the joints, the cartilages of the joints. Tearing pains along the bones--and he is really a wreck, an old broken down constitution when he is yet young. "A man of forty is like one of eighty". All these pains are better from motion.