From a study of the elements making up this agent, it may be known that it is a deep-acting constitutional remedy. Its complaints come on in the morning, afternoon, evening, NIGHT, after midnight. In hectic conditions, with many abscesses. Extreme anemia, such as belongs to tuberculous subjects. The patient craves open air when not too cold; wants the windows open, is sensitive to a close room. Marked general physical anxiety. The hands and feet tingle as if asleep and the limbs feel as if tied with a band. Complaints are worse from bathing; takes cold from bathing. It has been of the highest use in cancerous affections and has cured lupus and epithelioma. Its symptoms are often found in chlorotic girls; it has cured choreic action of muscles in girls. Some are very sensitive to cold, like Arsenicum, and others to that, like Iodine; it is sensitive to both heat and cold; cold wind and cold wet weather make the patient worse and bring out symptoms. Always taking cold, which brings on coryza and increases his catarrhal troubles. Many constrictions, internal and external, and constrictions of orifices are found in this remedy. Convulsive movements of limbs. Dropsy, external and internal, like Arsenicum. He is worse when hungry and, like Iodine, better after eating. Increasing loss of flesh and weight in phthisical patients; emaciation in children, extreme aggravation from slight physical exertion. In women who are subject to faintness and fainting spells. Formication all over the body. Hemorrhage from any mucous membrane. A sensation of being too warm, must have fresh air.