This is one of our deepest remedies and is to be used against psora and syphilis, especially in old broken constitutions. The Encyclopedia and Guiding Symptoms furnish valuable fragmentary provings. This study is based also upon new provings and extensive clinical observations. It is a most useful medicine in old cases of malaria, in great weakness following the abuse of quinine. When eruptions have been suppressed from local treatment, and there is great weakness and lack of reaction. The symptoms are worse in morning, forenoon, afternoon, evening, in twilight NIGHT, before midnight, after midnight. It has a marked tendency to form abscesses. Aversion to open air. Aversion to open air alternating with a desire for open air. Extremely sensitive to a draft. Open air makes some symptoms better and some worse. ANEMIA and PHYSICAL ANXIETY: Weakness and suffocation from going up stairs. Parts feel constricted as with a band. He takes cold from bathing and all symptoms are worse. It is a most useful remedy in combating the symptoms of epithelioma, lupus and scirrhus, even where ulceration is far advanced. The appearance of the face and skin is much like chlorosis. Choreic action of the muscles all over the body. In general the patient is cold, worse from cold air, from becoming cold, from cold, wet weather; takes cold easily. Convulsions, abdomen puffed up; offensive bilious diarrhea, slimy vomiting. Discharges from all mucous membranes and outlets very excoriating, offensive, thin and yellow. Dropsy of the extremities and in abdomen. The symptoms are worse before and AFTER EATING. There is marked emaciation of the body. Slight exertion increases all conditions and symptoms. Faintness from many causes, but especially after stool. Worse from cold drinks, sour food, cold food, fat food, fruit and milk. Formication all over the body. The mucous membranes membranes bleeding easily. The body feels heavy and loggy . Sometimes he is too warm and sometimes chilly. Inflamed parts and base of ulcers indurate. Inflammation of organs and glands. Lassitude and a lack of reaction. He desires to lie down. He feels worse lying, worse after lying awhile, worse lying on back, yet he feels better in bed. Symptoms all worse during menstruation. Motion in general ameliorates, yet motion aggravates some symptoms. The patient dreads motion. Old people much broken down, seem to rally under its action. Pains are cutting, burning, internal and external, pressing, stitching, tearing downward, tearing in muscles. Thrusting pains. Periodicity is very marked. Perspiration gives no relief. Complaints after suppressed sweat. Pulsations all over the body. The pulse is fast, irregular, intermittent, small, weak. Running or fast walking increases all symptoms. Extremely sensitive to pain. Shocks felt throughout the body; many symptoms worse on right side of the body. Complaints worse sitting. Symptoms before sleep, on going to sleep and during sleep. Standing aggravates. Stiffness in body and limbs. Dropsical swelling and swelling of glands. Affected parts sore to touch. Trembling of body and limbs. Twitching of muscles. Varicose veins. Many symptoms worse after sleep. Walking ameliorates, walking in open air aggravates; walking fast aggravates. Warmth of bed ameliorates. Extreme weakness, weakness in morning, during menses, after exertion, after eating, from perspiration, after stool, from walking in open air.