This remedy exercises a profound action upon the mind and body. The patients suffering from latent syphilis are over- sensitive to it, and often require it in their complaints. It has many bone symptoms and pains and they are worse at night. Its catarrhal condition is very much like that found in old cases of syphilis, such as had long treatment with Mercury and Iodides. It is a rheumatic constitution also and is useful in acute and chronic rheumatism. It has cured rheumatic fever where the joints have been mostly affected but are now better and the heart is the principal seat of suffering. Many complaints are associated with cardiac disease. Dropsical states from heart disease, from liver affections, with albumin in the urine after scarlet fever or with intermittent fever. Where old syphilitics continue to lose flesh. The glands and parts inflamed become indurated. It has been useful in cancerous glands. Inflammation of the bone and periosteum; caries, Exostoses after Mercury in latent syphilis. Caries of the joints with nightly boring and gnawing pains. It has burning pains in many parts. The pains are tearing, drawing, pressing and stitching. Many symptoms come on during rest and some during motion. Cold, wet weather ameliorates. Warm air, warm bed, warm room, warm wraps, becoming warm even in open air, and warmth in general aggravates the general feeling. Exertion and walking increase many symptoms. The palpitation, suffocation and great weakness come from walking and exertion. While open air ameliorates he is even in the open air incapable of exertion. Fast walking is impossible. The nervous symptoms are very marked. Excitement, sensitive to noise, starting when spoken to, starting in sleep. When the above symptoms are concomitants of heart and liver diseases this remedy will most likely be useful. Fullness of the veins all over the body is a strong feature of this remedy. It is a most useful remedy in patients suffering from the chronic effects of gonorrhea, and syphilis, where fig warts and syphilitic ulceration are present together.

The mental symptoms are largely such as are found in Aurum. It has the same suicidal disposition. His mind dwells upon his broken health until he becomes low-spirited and desires death. He loathes his life. Weeping and aversion to his occupation. Indolence. The melancholia of old syphilitics. Extremely anxious with palpitation

Said to be "full of whims and notions". Extremely irritable. Nothing can be done to please him. Constant fretting. Extreme mental and physical restlessness. He walks the streets slowly, to be in the open air which ameliorates; he is much worse in the house, and in the warm room. Thinking about his complaint caused the heart to beat strong and fast. Symptoms worse after fright, vexation and mortification. When the general symptoms mentioned above strongly predominate it will cure the particulars in the various parts below.