The symptoms of this remedy appear in the MORNING, forenoon, afternoon, evening, and DURING THE NIGHT. DESIRE FOR OPEN AIR. The open air aggravates many symptoms. Ascending brings on many symptoms. Asleep feeling in single parts; a sensation of a band around parts. Cancerous affections. ULCERS. Worse from cold in general; from cold air; from becoming cold; after becoming cold. Congestion of blood. Hysterical convulsions. Dropsical tendency. Worse during and after eating and from exertion. Formication. fullness of the veins and a feeling of distension; lack of vital heat. Induration of glands and other parts. Inflammation of internal organs; of bones; of glands; of serous membranes. Desire to lie down, but lying aggravates some symptoms; worse lying in bed. A most useful remedy in cases abused by mercury. Motion intensifies most symptoms. Mucous secretions much increased. Violent orgasm of blood in chest and head. Pain in bones and glands; aching, boring, cutting, pressing, stitching, tearing pains in many parts; bearing downward in bones and muscles; paralysis of organs. It is most useful in red-faced, full-blooded people. Pulsation in internal parts; the pulse is small, FAST, irregular and weak. Marked aggravation follows hurried actions, like running. Oversensitive to pain, in glands. Complaints are predominantly right-sided. Sitting erect aggravates some symptoms; standing aggravates many symptoms. Swelling of affected parts; of the glands.

A feeling of tension all over the body; symptoms are worse from touch. Trembling in body and limbs. Walking ameliorates; walking fast aggravates; walking in open air aggravates. Warm bed increases some symptoms, in some cases worse from both heat and cold; worse in warm room and from warm wraps. Marked general weakness; weariness. Complaints worse in winter.